Monday, 9 April 2012

Toyota camry 2013

Circular blocked by 20 but the 2012 Toyota Camry is available in Vietnam by overseas Vietnamese returning when the present month 10/2011 in the U.S.. Import version's taken a LE equipped with a 2.5, not to the highest motor 3.5. In a mid-range cars such as Camry and popular in the U.S., design and safety features are always more interested in operating features.

Designed in 2012 Toyota Camry
And in that time, customers have had heated debates about the new Camry design. A number that Toyota has been exhausted when the idea of borrowing too much from the other cars. But many people believe that Toyota Camry will have success through the "neutral" in style. Too favored a trend that makes Toyota Camry is hardly the best-selling car in America.

Either way, Camry headlights also have the same generation Honda Civic 7. In fact, compared to the old generation Toyota Camry Toyota Camry new phase clusters is just the "tip etched" in the middle. If you straighten this phase is no different clusters. This the way out is very popular sedan in Vietnam becomes angular, sports, and the eye with younger customers. No tail lights curved and split into two separate parts, a bit unbalanced compared to the older generation.
2012 Toyota Camry Interior
Camry interior also brings a new breath. Center panel removes the waterfall. Instead, the style of Avalon. Steering wheel to control our two clusters rather strange structure for a Toyota. The entry of Vietnam LE equipped with touch screen center, radio show, information on fuel consumption and tire pressure. Sunroof, power driver seat adjustment, seat manual controls. Back sensors, automatic headlights. Electric mirror adjustment, but not folded. Camry LE customers will be wondering when the car is slightly regulate the use and seat cloth.

2012 Toyota Camry Engine
Equipped Camry LE I4 2.5 liter (4-cylinder alignment), 178-horsepower capacity, higher than the old 9 horsepower, maximum torque of 230 Nm. Fuel consumption by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA is 9.4 liters per 100 km in the city and 6.7 liters on the highway. 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift function.
As tradition, Toyota Camry still has very light steering. Felt initially that the steering wheel are lightweight and round the wheel. Brake pedal and unimpressed by the lack of sucking. But sound and acceleration is good for inner city roads, rapid response vehicles with each click of the station. Bicycle game close, CToyota mry acceleration dress, sure but still lacking compared to the Honda Accord and loading flexibility.
Safety systems include ABS anti-lock braking, VSC electronic balance, electronic brake force distribution EBD. On a more advanced version also has a blind spot warning system. Camry LE equipped with 10 airbags for both front and rear seats.
Circular 20 still is preventing the import business massively unofficial Toyota Camry. Sourcing car by car just did not have presence in 10/2011 in the U.S. and this April to last full 6 months to about Vietnam as prescribed.
A few pictures of the 2013 Toyota Camry



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